Protect your information assets and IT infrastructure.

Build a secure IT infrastructure to enable data integrity, availability and confidentiality – all with reduced administrative burden.


Reduce Risk and Maintain Data Integrity

As your organisation grows, your information is broadly distributed, which threatens confidentiality, integrity and overall availability. This rapidly evolving risk landscape demands proactive and immediately responsive security services. Our Managed Security Services portfolio enables a completely secure infrastructure, from endpoint to core, so that you can focus on running your business. Acting as a natural extension of your IT, we manage your day-to-day security operations and proactively addresses the real threats to your networks. Our IT security services limit and remove the costs of business disruption and data loss by reducing and eliminating security exposure.

Our Services

Global Threat Intelligence Report 2019

Analysing data gathered from NTT Group operating companies, this report highlights the latest trends and the impact of today’s threats against global organisations.

Information Security Management Services

Protect your assets, improve regulatory compliance, optimise costs and reduce overall security complexity in your enterprise.

Managed File Integrity Monitoring Services

Leverage an industry-best monitoring and management engine to ensure infrastructure elements always match pre-defined standards and adhere to your security policies.

Network Security Services

Centrally manage and monitor all your network security devices, including firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems and access control technologies, in a holistic and proactive manner.

Security Operations & Engineering Services

Enable comprehensive threat assessment, security monitoring, automated correlation and insights into your infrastructure with a fully managed service.

User Account Administration Services

Automate your user ID provisioning with complete solutions to ensure secure authentication and access to applications.

Refine security policies and processes tro respond to malicious threats quickly and effectively.

Managed Security Services