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Earth Supplied Products increases efficiency, improves customer service and cuts risk by migrating onsite IT to the public cloud.

Business Need

Earth Supplied Products needed to give its staff quicker, more reliable access to files and applications so they could accelerate customer response times and product development.



Instead of keeping all IT onsite, Earth Supplied Products and partner SWFL IT Support migrated servers, applications and data to the Amazon cloud via a managed offering from NTT DATA.



  • Improves customer service by increasing responsiveness
  • Boosts competitiveness by accelerating new product development
  • Simplifies collaboration and boosts efficiency with centralised, cloud-based IT 

“Delegating the management of our IT infrastructure to NTT DATA is a tremendous boon. We can respond to our customers faster, which makes us a more valuable and competitive supplier”.

Peter Boncelet Owner and President,  Earth Supplied Products

Earth Supplied Products (ESP) provides ingredients for some of the world’s top personal-care products. Unlike many of its competitors, ESP strives to improve health and beauty naturally with materials that do not harm people or the environment. In addition to being the first company certified to produce organic raw materials for personal care products, ESP is also driving industry innovation by developing ingredients that reduce the need for artificial preservatives. 

Since being founded in 2000, employees have developed new products and managed workflows using applications on their desktops and laptops. A local server stored file backups and long-term archives. This IT solution worked well for years, but as the company continued to grow, it was beginning to restrict efficiency. Employees couldn’t always easily find files because they could reside on multiple devices. In addition, when mobile employees didn’t have the file they needed, they could log on to the server remotely using a virtual private network (VPN). However, the VPN wasn’t reliable and employees didn’t always backup their files to the server. Frustration turned to concern when the company suffered a security breach. Immediately, ESP sought a full-time IT service provider to manage its infrastructure. Peter Boncelet, owner and president of Earth Supplied Products, says, “We evaluated numerous organisations and chose SWFL IT Support. It has such a great reputation in our area and they are really easy to work with”. 

Onsite or cloud? That was the next question. 

Seeing that ESP’s servers were nearing end of life, SWFL IT Support contacted NTT DATA for information about upgrading the existing system to the next-generation model. The conversation quickly shifted to cloud-service options when SWFL IT Support discovered that NTT DATA Services offers managed solutions based on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Chris Long, IT consultant at SWFL IT Support, says, “At the time, we were not familiar with using Amazon Web Services. NTT DATA worked with us to understand ESP’s requirements, including network bandwidth and server sizing. It then put a package together for migrating to AWS that was nice, neat, easy — and more affordable than Azure”. ESP decided to engage NTT DATA to manage its infrastructure in AWS and continue to have SWFL IT Support provide daily, on-demand IT assistance to all its employees. 

A quicker, easier and more cost-effective path to the cloud 

Technicians from NTT DATA built ESP’s portal on AWS and they stood by to answer questions while SWFL IT Support moved ESP’s infrastructure to the cloud. “One of our goals was to get everybody onboard using the new technology as quickly as possible”, says Boncelet. “With the help of NTT DATA, the migration to AWS was very smooth. Its representatives were onsite throughout the process assisting SWFL IT Support. It only took about one week”. 

SWFL IT Support still engages NTT DATA when it has questions. “We recently contacted NTT DATA to see if we could easily turn off our servers during non-business hours”, says Long. “Its technicians helped us create an automated procedure to do that, and now we save about $300 each month”. 

Increases efficiency and competitiveness

Today, sales representatives are more independent and employee collaboration is seamless — which helps accelerate workflows including new product development — because applications and files are located in the cloud. Employees simply log on to ESP’s AWS portal to access their desktops, which are available 100% of the time. Files are easy to find and sales staff can safely access the information that they need at any time, anywhere and with any device using a standard Internet connection. “Delegating the management of our IT infrastructure to NTT DATA, is a tremendous boon,” says Boncelet. “Our applications are always available. We have less stress. And we don’t have to manage IT security or replacing server parts. But more importantly, we can respond to our customers faster, which makes us a more valuable and competitive supplier”.*

*This case study was originally written by Dell Services, which has become NTT DATA Services as of November 2016.