UK Gender Pay Gap Statement

Compliance /UK Gender Pay Gap Statement

NTT DATA Services works globally to help businesses, organizations and government entities transform operations through digital technologies. Inclusion is one of our corporate priorities, and our immediate focus is on recruiting, retaining and developing women across our business. Our support for gender equity is based on respect for basic human fairness, and we recognize that gender equity correlates to better business results.

Under a UK law introduced in 2017, all employers with more than 250 employees in the country must annually report their gender pay gap information. Dell Services was acquired by NTT DATA during the initial reporting period.

Among our employees in the UK, the gender pay gap is 7 percent. Our analysis determined that this is largely due to sample size, because women comprise 14 percent of our UK workforce. When analysed by grade level and work role, the differences are minimal and are driven by length of service, time in role and/or skills required.

Our analysis of bonus payouts showed that a higher percentage of women received a bonus than men, and women received higher mean and median payouts than their male counterparts. NTT DATA Services rewards for performance, and employees have equal opportunities to participate in incentive payment plans. Specific plans are determined by role and job grade.

Across the IT industry as a whole in the UK, women accounted for 17 percent of total employment1 . The entire industry has work to do regarding gender parity, and NTT DATA Services is committed to actions that increase the percentage and success of women within our ranks. From the highest levels of the corporation, we promote diversity and inclusion as a key management strategy.

NTT DATA works hard to attract, retain and develop women employees through a diverse and inclusive workplace. As part of our effort to effect positive change, NTT DATA supports an employee-led group known as “Women Inspire NTT DATA” (WIN), with chapters established across North and South America, Europe and Asia. WIN provides opportunities for employees to nurture personal and professional development, support recruitment and retention of highly talented women, and promote and support diversity and inclusion initiatives that recognize and respect the individuality of all NTT DATA employees.

You can read more about NTT DATA Services and gender parity in this series of blogs posted to celebrate International Women’s Day 2018.

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Q: With women making up just 17 percent of the UK’s total IT industry workforce, how does NTT DATA Services plan to increase female participation?

A: We have a broad focus that includes corporate priorities and grassroots activity. NTT DATA supports an employee-led group known as “Women Inspire NTT DATA” (WIN), with chapters established and emerging across North and South America, Europe and Asia.

“Diversity and inclusion is one of our top corporate priorities, and our commitment is illustrated by the small pay gap identified in the UK. Even so, we have work to do, and we’re focused on recruitment efforts and support systems that will lead to a more gender-balanced workforce. We view this as both a moral and business imperative. Fairness is the right thing to do, and credible research proves that gender balance leads to better financial results, increased market share and greater innovation.”

Simon Winter, Vice President & Regional Head, NTT DATA Services, UK


Q: With your 7% pay gap in the UK, what measures do you have in place to improve it or close it altogether

A: The 7 percent gap is largely due to the sample size – 86 percent of our UK employees are men. When we analysed pay by job grades and roles, the gaps were minimal and were driven by length of service, time in role and/or skills required. The results show that our focus is in the right place: increasing the number of women in our workforce, and fostering their success through a women-friendly business environment. Between corporate initiatives and employee-led inclusion groups, NTT DATA is supporting the employment and success of women across our network of companies around the world. We will monitor the impact of these programmes on an ongoing basis, and we expect to report positive results in the years to come.