Amplify Your Data’s Value by Modernising Your Architecture

Data is changing rapidly – there’s more of it, different types of it and it’s being created every nanosecond. Add to it the business constraints around security, regulations and scalability. This fast-moving, unstructured data requires automation, advanced analytics and a scalable, secure platform. Failing to modernise your data architecture will quickly diminish the value of your data in terms of speed and quality.

Data management costs increase, operations become more complex and you can’t fully leverage your data as a high-value asset. We can help assess and modernise your existing data ecosystem to meet the needs of your ever-evolving business model. Data is in our name. See how we can work together to help you get the most from your data.

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Gartner names us a Challenger in its Magic Quadrant for Data and Analytics Service Providers, Worldwide. ⁠ – February 2019

Our Services

Strategy & Design

Assess and design a modern data architecture that works for your business.

Data Infrastructure

Implement and optimise your data fabric and data cloud.

Data Management & Security

Manage the availability, usability, integrity and security and governance of data used in your enterprise.

Data Orchestration and Integration

Collect, clean, reconcile and consolidate data for optimal storage, analysis and integration.

Unleash the potential of your data to drive competitive advantage and growth with our Data Architecture Modernisation Services, Powered by Nucleus.

Data Architecture Modernisation