New Research: Could Have. Would Have. Should Have.

Regrets. We all have a few. Yet, according to our latest research, organizations that implemented leading-edge technologies prior to the pandemic have less reason to say, ‘could have, would have, should have.’

The findings show 69% of companies would have been more resilient had they invested in technology more heavily, which created two distinct groups: Leaders and Laggards. The adoption of technologies (such as data analytics, AI, cloud, and IoT) indicate how well companies coped with the crisis, their current business performance and how prepared they are to digitally reinvent themselves for what’s next.

In our latest research report, “Could Have, Would Have, Should Have” you’ll learn:

  • How timely investments in technology created both Leaders and Laggards
  • Why technology adoption created a considerable advantage during the crisis
  • How mature technology adoption fosters agility and preparedness
  • The key differences between the primary industries surveyed: financial services and insurance, healthcare, manufacturing and the public sector
  • How to pivot to tomorrow

Download your copy now. You won’t regret it.

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