Turning Data Into Decisions

As a global company, NTT is committed to making life better through technology and innovation – and we just decided to take smart up a notch. We are driving new solutions that push the envelope on existing technologies. We are looking towards the future to imagine the possibilities that technology can bring to make life better. When we decided to accelerate smart, we wanted to build a platform that could be used not only in cities but across industries.

With the right data engine, the smart city of today could be a smart hospital, airport or military base tomorrow. That's why we built our accelerating smart platform to “think” and access multiple data sources, perceive current conditions, plan, decide and act on those conditions. It is even possible for our cognitive solution to learn from the consequences of its actions, while using past knowledge to crystallise current and future decisions. Data empowered decisions can change the world.

Proven Solutions for a Smart, Safe World

Safe communities are happier communities. The City of Las Vegas wanted to improve situational awareness and responsiveness to public safety issues. They engaged NTT in partnership with top technology companies to deploy a smart edge network of HD optical sensors, sound sensors, IoT devices and micro data centres to boost visibility and support better response decisions.

NTT DATA’s Smart Cities solution improves public safety situational awareness, accelerates decision making and responsiveness, and builds the foundation for a more connected, smarter city. Edge analytics provide actionable insights, while reducing data storage needs. Discover how we are evolving the urban landscape, one city at a time.

Empower Decisions. Let’s turn your data into actions today.

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Changing the World

With 6,000 forward-thinking research and development professionals and $3.6 billion-dollar annual investment working daily to stay on the forefront of technology, NTT is driven by innovation. Our contributions to technology have changed the way we work, communication and process information.

At NTT, innovation is more than a marketing claim – it’s in the lifeblood of our organisation. We live it, breathe it and deliver it. Our forward-leaning solutions have been recognised globally, and we are honoured to receive notable awards, such as Statescoop’s 2019 LocalSmart Awards and the Government Innovation Awards for our smart platform.

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