The world as we know it has changed. Working, shopping, socializing and learning have been disrupted. The way businesses engage with customers and employees is constantly evolving. Schools are discovering novel ways to teach. Healthcare providers are treating patients remotely. Banks, government agencies and hospitality are all recalibrating for a new tomorrow. No industry has gone untouched by the global pandemic, and most companies have quickly shifted IT priorities to keep pace with its impact.

As the economy starts to recover, slowly and sporadically, companies are shifting out of crisis mode. While the unknown can be intimidating, it’s also an opportunity for organizations to reinvent themselves digitally. Globally, enterprises can transform this disruption into innovation by making a pivot to adopting and scaling digital technologies. The world looks different, and digital transformation strategies are the key to the new frontier.

Make the Pivot

The economic fallout from COVID-19 continues to cut deep. What can we expect in the months and years to come and how you can pivot now, get back to business safely, reduce costs and digitally reinvent your organization?


The world is changing, but it's also an opportunity to transform disruption into innovation by making a pivot.

Helping You Make the Big Pivot

From Reaction to Resilience

Reinvent workspaces and scale innovation with new lines of business as we get back to work, classrooms and venues.


From Recovery to Reinvention

Emerge from the crisis by turning to technologies that not only help you reduce costs but enable transformation.


Necessity Breeds Innovation

Driving down costs. Maintaining growth. Responding to consumer market-drivers. Creating new business models. There’s a lot of opportunity in times of crisis, and leaders must redefine their businesses to support a growth-focused model. Creating an adaptable IT infrastructure to support innovation is priority for businesses that will grow stronger long after the pandemic. Listen to insights from three of our leaders in a thought-provoking webinar.


From Data Islands to Data Insights

Data will play a pivotal role as the economy recovers. Discover more in our latest research and thinking.


Lack of trust in data effects the speed of your business and creates additional expense in your organization. Discover some simple actions to take toward establishing trust in your data.


Research Report

Our recent data governance survey across key commercial and public sectors reveals that while 79% of leaders trust their data, only 10% are using it to transform. Where does your organization stand?


On-Demand Webinar

Islands of data coupled with the lack of governance and data literacy has created trust problem for many decades. To overcome the pandemic’s impact and thrive, you need data to work for you.


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