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It takes focus to break new ground and truly transform your business. Moving from piloting digital to enabling transformation on an enterprise scale also takes funding and a steady eye on the future. NTT DATA Services helps you cut costs and complexity from your current operations so you can focus on strategic business goals. We evaluate your priorities and define digital fund principles so you can initiate and sustain new projects, then uncover innovative ways to continuously nurture transformation in the years ahead.

Our industry experts, unique IP and consultative approach helps retailers save millions and better respond to market trends, healthcare providers shift resources from managing infrastructure to providing better patient care, financial leaders automate to increase productivity and global telecoms re-engineer business processes and reduce costs. Dive into digital with confidence and chart a course for greater success and growth.

Facing unprecedented industry change, McKesson Pharmacy Systems adopted software solutions and took on a new vision.


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“We’ve increased our customer base by 6% and our revenue by 23% in the year we’ve been using Cloud on Demand with ZeroLag. And we’ve done this without having to add any employees."

Trey Murff CIO,  Profit Resources

Our Services

Application Management Outsourcing

Reduce application run costs while self-funding digital modernization

Cloud Migration

Drive efficiency, agility and growth with cloud services


Digital Business Consulting

Create a roadmap to streamline operations, adopt new technologies and grow your business


Solutions for Intelligent Automation

Boost business value while lowering costs with smart solutions


Chart a Course to Continuous Digital Transformation

Create and manage your own digital transformation fund to initiate and sustain projects in the years ahead.


Power business success and harness the power of digital with tailored services


Leverage unique methodologies, intellectual property, tools and industry partnerships


Address cloud opportunities and readiness, including cost/benefit analysis and return on investment.


Our award-winning AMO framework uses real business metrics to help you identify opportunities

It's time to self-fund your digital transformation and accelerate results. Learn how it's done.

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Global Opportunities

Learn more about our full-time and part-time opportunities worldwide.

IT Contract Assignments

Explore the variety of projects available with our Strategic Staffing team.


DOL Postings

NTT DATA meets US Department of Labor requirements regarding the posting of Labor Condition Applications for associated H-1B visa petitions.