Quickly and Seamlessly Integrate New Business Operations


The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a hyper-competitive marketplace. For many companies, this means merging or acquiring companies, or divesting departments to enter new markets quickly, diversify and grow. And integrating your people, processes and technology seamlessly, while helping employees embrace the change, will be key for success. Our expertise has proven results. We rationalised the IT systems of a national healthcare organisation and established a platform for future growth with zero downtime.

We also helped a global industrial equipment provider reduce software license costs by 30 percent, while helping them achieve all their transitional service agreement milestones. As you continuously reinvent your business through mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, we’re here to help turn the complicated into the completed. We start with a solid blueprint; help you set smart goals and manage risks and ensure robust execution every step of the way.

Lumileds migrates and improves its SAP systems in a 14-month global effort experiencing zero business disruption.


Make Complexity a Thing of the Past

We have decades of M&A experience that reaches across industries. Learn how you can benefit from our proven services and solutions.


Gain rapid understanding of your IT operations, applications and infrastructure


Minimise disruption with a comprehensive roadmap for carve out or consolidation


Establish agile new business and IT environments for immediate results

A Prescription for M&A Success

There’s no slowing the M&A juggernaut. Life sciences companies
would do well to pay close attention to TSAs and take advantage
of an SI partner early on (during deal-discussion), so they
can assess and plan for the current and future technology
layout and provide the right advice and support.
It’s too important to do it alone.


Our Services

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Business Consulting

Elevate performance and growth with a partner who understands the complexities of your business and the dynamics of your industry.


Enterprise Resource Planning

Enhance business insights and operational agility and maximise return on your software investment.


IT Consulting & Integration

We help clients integrate business strategies and enabling technologies to strategise for the future, implement transformative change, and run with efficiency.


Organisational Change Management

Boost organisational effectiveness by addressing employee needs and roadblocks.


Project Management

Energise your project management with a strategic project management office that seamlessly works with existing resources to enhance IT efficiency and reduce costs.


A Better Patient Experience

For many, the patient experience is disjointed and frustrating. Mergers and acquisitions may present an ideal opportunity for health systems to redefine the patient experience. Andrew Arends shares four drivers of change in healthcare today and shows you why M&A can foster a better patient experience.


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