Rethink Your Legacy Systems With Cloud Transformation

Most of us no longer drive cars that were built in 1975, because there are plenty of other options today that are more agile, powerful and cost effective. Similarly, the massively monolithic and energy-exhausting systems that have delivered consistently for your business for decades are no longer flexible and efficient enough for today’s demanding business. It’s time to set yourself free.

A global retailer saved millions and identified market trends 23% faster by moving off its legacy system with our help. And a state and local government entity combined the functionality of 4 IT systems into one to cut escalating support costs and reduce risks. Re-examine your business and IT requirements. It's time to free yourself from rigid, inflexible systems and unleash the full potential of your applications by moving to the cloud.

Taming the Modernisation Beast

The Air Force partnered with NTT DATA Federal Services to modernise 420 legacy systems and over one million lines of Cobol code using agile software development and integration. Here’s how that project was completed successfully.


What should you consider for modernisation? Watch our Public Sector CTO Foresight Series for new insight.

NelsonHall named us a Leader in its 2018 Cloud Advisory, Assessment & Migration Services NEAT. – July 2018

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Key Considerations for Cloud Migration

A move to the cloud must be holistic, because it goes far beyond adding a few virtual machines and uploading data. If you’re not considering workload migration, application modernisation and building a virtual data centre, you risk missing out on the full benefits of the cloud.


Meet a Few of Our Digitally Enabled Clients

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Leaving Your Legacy Opens New Doors

Let us help you reach the potential of your applications through digital transformation.


Make your cloud application journey a seamless one, from assessment to deployment


Redevelop applications using your existing business logic, data and application usage


Our proven end-to-end re-hosting services help you meet or exceed business goals


Make your cloud migration easy with proven methodologies and automation

Are you ready to let go of your legacy systems? Let’s get started.


Our Services

Application Re-architecture

Fully exploit modern technologies and restore business agility by transforming legacy applications and data.

Analytics Services

Establish fundamental capabilities as a precursor to business intelligence and take advantage of advanced analytics capabilities.

Blockchain Services

Improve transparency and trust with the next wave of innovative solutions.

Cloud Application Advisory

Chart the right path towards cloud adoption for your applications to become more adaptive and productive.

Cloud Migration

Accelerate the move to private, public and hybrid clouds while reducing risks.


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