Enable hybrid IT by hosting a private cloud.

Incorporate best of breed technologies to allow a hosted infrastructure serve as an extension to your data centre and run the most demanding mission-critical applications, because we ensure stable and secure foundation.

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Benefit from Cloud the Way You Want

Once the private cloud is fully deployed, we can provide daily remote infrastructure management and monitoring. When you manage your cloud through our data centres, you can take advantage of cloud computing delivery models for your most critical workloads without the need for capital outlay. You will get access to our experienced and certified cloud and vertical market experts and extend the value of infrastructure as a service beyond test and development use. And you will free up valuable staff time to concentrate on high-value activities by offloading routine IT administration tasks.

Our Services

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Protect your enterprise against potential threats and minimise disruption associated with unplanned downtime.

Cloud Management Platform

Expedite the delivery of IT infrastructure from days to hours by automating IT service delivery and management of private, public and hybrid clouds.

Managed Cloud

Drive maximum value by leveraging our expert Managed Services for your public, private and hybrid clouds.

On-Demand Private Infrastructure

Scale up when you need more capacity for as long as you need it, and pay only for what you use.

Security & Compliance

Keep the data in the private cloud safe and secure through a state-of-the-art protection solution and meet the compliance norms.

Run the most demanding mission-critical applications; we ensure stable and secure foundation.