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To benefit from the transition to user-centric services, enterprises need to change their approach to end-user computing. That’s why end-user experience and workforce enablement is at the heart of our next-generation End-User Services. With a unique blend of capabilities, assets and experience, our desktop engineering services provide with the skills, processes and technologies you need to remove the complexity in desktop engineering delivery, take advantage of cloud-based delivery models, and increase the reliability and efficiency of your end-user computing environment.

Ranging from application packaging to image and patch management, our methodologies and technologies maximise the use and benefits of automation and orchestration in overall workplace management. Our services are designed to enhance the end-user experience and to maintain high availability and performance while optimising end-user device lifecycle management costs. See how we can help you optimise the management of your endpoint devices.

Align IT functions with your business strategy and workforce expectations.

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As your IT environment becomes more complex, it is critical to maintain consistent application of engineering best practices to operate in today’s highly competitive markets. With telecommuting now more common than ever, the number of end-user devices and customised configurations is rapidly increasing. This can result in a decrease in service quality and end-user satisfaction with inconsistencies in processes, technologies, applications and operating systems. To maximise staff efficiency and deliver the right level of service, you need to be able to balance costs and best practices with the flexibility to meet end users’ needs. Our Desktop Engineering services deliver industry best practices to optimise the management of

laptop and desktop devices. We break down the costs and complexity barriers to enable comprehensive end-to-end IT automation that is also cost effective for your organisation. We can provide you with the skills, processes and resources to remove the complexity of delivery and increase the reliability and efficiency of your end-user computing environment. Our proven experience in delivering similar services has allowed us to adapt our approach to deliver an optimum balance of speed versus risk. We believe the success of any project is not based on the technical ability alone, but the delivery capability to apply a rigorous organisational change management approach that drives adoption and integrates next-generation,

end-user services consumption models. Desktop Engineering services maximise end-user computing reliability, reduce cost and increase workforce efficiency. You can take advantage of the operational support of a completely transformed end-user computing environment and desktop engineering support that helps you build a modern, scalable and persona-based end-user computing environment. Get a scalable, secure and cost-effective solution that meets the needs of a continuously evolving workforce, and benefit from an Infrastructure Library-based workflow integrated with flexible DevOps methodologies that ensure consistency and reliability of your workplace.

Desktop Engineering Services