Delivering the Promise of Automation

NTT DATA helps you transform your business with automation solutions that ensure sustained value and deliver continuous business outcomes. We combine our deep business, technology and industry expertise with automation solutions enabling humans, autonomics and virtual agents to collaborate and ensure enterprise innovation and growth. Our automation ecosystem is secure from design through to delivery and combines in-depth process expertise with proprietary machine learning and cognitive intelligence systems to set you up for success.

A strong culture of innovation drives all our efforts. We have over 40 years of technology research and development and deep investments in autonomics, business intelligence and data analytics, machine learning, robotic process automation, virtual and cognitive agents. Our automation solutions combine unique methodologies, intellectual property, tools and industry partnerships to simplify your operations, improve your efficiency and reduce costs across your IT and business ecosystem.

Clear the Customer Service Hurdle

Four of the top five challenges when implementing automation are related to leadership and change management. Is your enterprise up to the task? Our recent research may surprise you.


Our Services

From design to delivery, our secure automation ecosystem combines in-depth process expertise with proprietary machine learning and cognitive intelligence systems to set you up for success.

Analytics Services

Power your automation solution with the right data insights and analytics.


Managed Security Services

Reduce risk and maintain data and application integrity with our security services.


Organisational Change Management

Increase the speed and sustainability of your organisation’s automation adoption.


Quality Assurance and Testing

Improve software quality and reduce test spend with our intelligent QA suite of solutions.


Robotic Process Automation

Boost productivity and improve process accuracy with RPA solutions.


Achieve a high rate of five-tier automation for your entire business process and IT ecosystem.

Accelerate Testing with Automated QA

Discover how you can improve application predictability, while decreasing test spends with our machine learning and artificial intelligence-based Intelligent QA solution. This proprietary analysis-driven testing engine helps organisations improve testing quality by making better decisions, while reducing costs.



Intelligent Automation in IT Infrastructure

Automating your IT infrastructure can deliver better customer outcomes faster and at a lower cost. But how can your organisation take advantage of everything digital has to offer, while at the same time tackling potential threats? Here’s what you need to know.

Our Automation Partners

NTT DATA partners with key automation vendors to offer you the right solutions.

Automation Anywhere logo

Our partnership with Automation Anywhere includes RPA, cognitive and analytics solutions that automate repetitive tasks and fuels enterprise innovation and business growth.

Blue Prism logo

With our partnership we offer RPA implementation and support for our global client base through Blue Prism’s enterprise-grade “Digital Workforce".

IP Soft logo

IPsoft provides the heart of our GM1, helps expand automation to your applications and includes Amelia, a cognitive agent automating employee and customer interactions.

Pega logo

Our partnership enables us to provide extended RPA capabilities to Financial Services and Insurance, Health Care and Life Sciences, and expanded shared services automation.

Find out how to streamline work processes, reduce errors and boost productivity with our award-winning RPA solution.

Kris F CTO, NTT DATA Services Kris Fitzgerald Chief Technology Officer,  NTT DATA Services

“Automation is not about replacing man with machine or human agent with robot. It is about supporting human abilities and ingenuity. Automation enables people to do what they’re best at: create and innovate.”

NTT DATA Services has deployed 2,500+ bots that collaborate with more than 15,000 professionals to provide RPA services to our global clients.

Automation ecosystem infographic

Succeed with Automation 

Solutions for Intelligent Automation is a collaborative ecosystem where bots, people and virtual agents are empowered to play the part to which they are best suited. The ecosystem incorporates capabilities across our business and technology landscape.

Each enterprise is unique. As is each automation story. We can help you draft you own success story with our end-to-end capabilities and an ecosystem that is secure from design through to delivery.

Tanvir Khan, President, BPO Services,  NTT DATA Services Tanvir Khan President, BPO Services,  NTT DATA Services

“Automation is not about technology alone. It’s an entire shift in the mindset of an organisation, and how it operates and delivers services. Automation-driven operations is a new discipline altogether”.

The Everest Group named us a Major Contender in IT Infrastructure Automation in its PEAK Matrix™ Assessment for Solutions – April 2017

Considering RPA? Create a model for success by avoiding these top four mistakes.

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