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Healthcare consumer expectations are higher than ever. They have embraced telehealth. They want secure access to their health information from any device, anywhere. They want medical bills to be easy to understand and easy to pay. And most importantly, they want care that’s truly personalised. We can be your ally and technology partner as you design and implement your digital health strategy.

With more than 50 years of experience in healthcare services and an annual research and development investment of about $3.6 billion, our consultants understand today’s new normal. What's more, we have the tools to empower your workforce, orchestrate and automate your data, streamline clinical and business operations and simplify and improve the healthcare journey – all while reducing costs and enabling new forms of value to flourish. The future has arrived. Let’s greet it together.

Using AI to Fight COVID-19

Sharecare, in partnership with IPsoft and NTT DATA,
has launched a free interactive screening solution that
allows people to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms
and receive accurate next steps guidance.


Our Services

Health Plans

Make your health plan smarter and predict patient care before it’s needed by harnessing digital solutions.


Healthcare Providers

Improve patient outcomes, create exceptional patient experiences, transform medical delivery processes and lower costs.


Life Sciences

Make precision medicine and value-based contracting a reality, helping people live longer, healthier lives.


We thank the NTT DATA team members who are going to extraordinary measures to support our clients through this crisis. We truly are stronger together.


Everest Group ranked us a Leader in their Healthcare Business Process Automation Solutions PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2019

Essential Lessons from the Pandemic Front Line

Hospitals, health plans and researchers are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic with innovative IT solutions. Technology apart, it’s also about cooperation and human connection. Our healthcare blog series explores the importance of being human, fast-forwarding tech adoption and the power of communication.

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